Tim Moseley
"I have been training with John for 15 months and he is a truly professional PT.

When you start training with John he begins by finding out your personal goals and establishes your current fitness level, eating habits and body measurements. It is important to him that he understands what you want to achieve to assist him in developing the right program for your individual needs.

He then sets a healthy eating plan together with a distinct training program to focus on every aspect of personal fitness including all muscle groups in the upper and lower body, cardio training, endurance, core, strength, balance and flexibility.

Training sessions are always interesting as John rotates programs in order to ensure complete fitness and variety in routines. He keeps you guessing what will come next in his arsenal of exercise routines. He is the teacher and you the student. He wants you remember what he has taught when you workout on your own.

His knowledge is impressive and his passion evident. He is constantly encouraging and motivating and at all times attentive to his role. At the same time he challenges you to extend yourself. His attention to detail throughout the workout is amazing. He is so focused on form to gain maximum benefits.

With John as your PT…you are assured of results!!!

I am delighted to recommend John as a personal Trainer."


Cath Parr - 49 years
I have been training with John for a year now with a small group of friends.  Our fitness sessions are varied, never boring and loads of fun!  John has the unique ability to get the most out of every session, encouraging you to push that bit harder!  Given this, my strength and cardio fitness have improved out-of-sight.  I have also lost weight which I have sustained.  I must say, I am in the best shape of my life! Thanks John


Melissa Woolfrey - 26 years


"At 26 years old I was overweight, depressed and generally run down. After trying a couple of gyms and trainers nothing seemed to improve, until I met John. I heard about John from a new gym I started at as a last attempt to improve myself.  What a difference 10 months and a trainer who cares has made. I have lost 15kg's, dropped 2 dress sizes and feel so much better about myself. I actually like the person I am becoming both mentally and physically.

The difference between John and other trainers i have worked with is that he gets to know his clients, he learns their personality, likes and dislikes and creates a training session that will work for you. He individualises his training sessions. I gradually found that my confidence grew as I actually started to achieve my individual milestones.

i have had a chiropractor for many years due to an old injury, I now find that I don't need to see him as often as I used to as the exercise regime I do now helps keep my posture in the correct position. Recently I had an accident and dislocated my knee quite severely. I was off work for 2 months and couldn't go to the gym.  John kept in touch with me to keep my spirits up and helped formulate an exercise plan for my arms and upper body that fitted in with the physiotherapy for my leg while I was house bound.

What a difference one person can make. He cares about his clients and that shows in the results he helps them achieve."


Pete & Bec
"Just a big thanks for whipping our arses into gear so well and helping us to achieve results so much better than we had originally hoped for. Hard to believe after only losing 5kgs in the first 2 months of joining the gym & almost losing the drive to keep going that all we had to do was sign up with you for for 3 months (12 sessions) to not only get to my goal weight 95kgs but then lose a further 7kgs on top.

But beside the actual weight lose results i think we benefited even more from the skills to do with nutrition we gained. Thanks to all this we conceived straight away due to how fit and healthy we were by the time our wedding arrived last November
. "


Lisa Mcgarry
"I have been training with John for a bit over a year now, and have never felt better.
Before I started training with John I had been away from a gym for 6 months. I left the last gym because I thought it was too expensive, was not getting my money's worth and there was no motivation from my personal trainer to reach any goals. I left there thinking "I can do this myself". Boy was I wrong! I found every excuse under the sun to not exercise, ate whatever I felt like and always thought to myself "I will start my diet on Monday". But, Monday never came.

When I joined Gymea Bay Fitness, I was told that I would be teamed up with John for personal training twice a week and that if I found that I was not happy with the training then I would be able to change who I was training with. I walked into that first training session with self-doubt and apprehension, and the nagging feeling that I would not like the way John trained me, simply because I had never been trained by a guy. Being teamed up with John was the best thing that ever happened to me, and twelve months later, I could not imagine training with anyone else. John takes a personal interest in every aspect of my health, not just the training, he has educated me on what foods I should be eating, and most importantly, at what times; he has also taught me how to gain the most out of training when I am training on my own; and to be accountable for the results I get every week when I weigh in and each time we measure, good or bad. He is motivating and at the same time has pushed me to reach goals I never thought possible for me. He pushes me every session to train as hard as I can and without his support and motivation I would not be able to maintain the results I have reached, or to be motivated to aim for ever higher goals.

Now with my new positive attitude, a little know how, and of course with the help of John, I now know that I can achieve absolutely anything I want.

"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen."